1st Grade

Thursday 12:30-1:00


Use this to make your own cup rhythms!


Blank Rhythm Paper

Use this to make your own cup rhythms!


Cup Rhythms

Grab any plastic cup and start counting!

Try playing along with the songs below...

Rhythm Cups pg 1-4.pdf

Lord, Teach Me Virtue

Lord, Teach Me Virtue (Lyrics).pdf
Lord Teach Me Virtue RECORDING.mp3

The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer.pdf

A Gift to You

Once you get comfortable singing "A Gift to You" with the video below, next you'll try singing Karaoke!

Try singing with this video, only this time you'll be singing by yourself! Can you stay in "time" with the song?

A Gift to You

First week of school!

Hi everybody! As we start the new school year I would like to share these songs with you! Sing along and try to memorize them!

Above All

A Gift to You

Above All.pdf
A Gift to You